New Architects, Yo!

April 2014 – I graduated

November 2015 – I resigned from work to focus on reviewing for the ALE

January 2016 – I take the ALE along with my friends and former colleagues

February 2016 – We find out that we passed the ALE

And so here we are:

12799216_10207630776661025_8864552669732739689_nPhoto from L. Hadlocon

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Public Service Announcement

Ever since the Manny Pacquiao issue has gone viral, the Internet has exploded with violent reactions, extensively long posts in defense of the LGBT community, as well of that of Manny Pacquiao. Him referring to individuals who engage in same-sex acts as “mas masahol pa sa hayop,” has hurt so many people, including proudly gay public figures. And why wouldn’t they be hurt? It takes so much courage to come out of the closet only to have people who you think love you throw stones at you for your honesty.

So yes, people will get angry because Manny Pacquiao, as the Pambansang Kamao, a national hero, and someone running for a seat in the senate, he has a lot of supporters. And knowing how our society functions, many will follow without questioning.
There is a good side to all this madness though. It’s got people reviewing their biology notes, using it to prove the natural existence of homosexuality. It has also got people brushing up on their Bible reading and theology. Many are angry at Manny Pacquiao because he’s selectively quoting the Bible, right? I am not an avid Bible reader nor am I a devout Catholic. But, I understand that there’s a reason why it was divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. There are hundreds of articles discussing the Bible popping up lately, and from what I gathered from them, the New Testament debunks the laws written in the Old Testament. That thanks to the coming of Jesus and the existence of the New Testament, the Old Testament is now nothing but a collection of stories and a reminder of how things were before Christ swooped in to save us from unnecessary sacrifice. Please correct me if I’m wrong.Read More »

Sunflowers & Sablay

Grad3| dress, Forever 21 | heels, Payless | clutch, gift from Jane | Makeup by I-ann Monzon |

At long last… After six years in college, I finally graduated and actually got to wear my sablay. Yes, I am one of the many UP students who overstay in the university. No honors, no special awards. I’m just one among the thousands that graduated last April 27. Not that I mind, really. I’ve already made peace with my extended stay in college.

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This post has long been overdue. I haven’t been giving my blog because of my thesis requirements. I didn’t know if I wanted to get this blog back up but, I missed writing.

Reinvention is such a powerful thing. For girls, the process of reinventing one’s self usually denotes an emotional issue, be it a spat with their folks or getting their hearts broken. Sometimes, reinvention marks an end and a beginning. It’s like shedding skin or setting once-sentimental things on fire. People reinvent as a sign of leaving their past behind and looking forward to a better future, taking a step closer to being one’s best self.

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