Come Forth Kitchen: A Review


Comfort food can mean anything to different people. For me, it’s breakfast food, my mom’s cooking and pizza.

I was walking along Jupiter St. with my dad one night, looking for a new place to have our monthly dinner whenever he comes to Manila. We came across Come Forth Kitchen. Come Forth… Comfort… Hmm. We decided to give it a try.


Upon entering, we were welcomed with a really homey vibe. I liked how everything was just in black, white, and grey (including the plant holders). The décor gave the space its homey vibe. With a shelf lined with an eclectic array of knick-knacks and the rustic but colorful console and coat hooks on the right, for a moment there, you’d think that you’re actually coming home. I loved that the walls had chalkboards and signs hung up like, “Coffee is always a good idea.”


But, it’s their food that takes center stage. They were all, in the simplest of terms, comforting. On my first visit there with my dad, we had the Oriental Chicken Salad, 40 Clove Chicken, and Aaaaahdobo. I was amused that the Aaaaahdobo came with a poached egg. One of the best adobos I’ve had so far. Aaaah.


I was partial to ordering the Oriental Chicken Salad because it had Chinese cabbage, mint, and spring onions tossed in one dish. But when I tasted it, I was glad my dad chose it. The Asian dressing had the right sweet-salty taste to it that went well with the salad. The plate was wiped clean. The 40 Clove Chicken was really soft and juicy and the mashed potatoes it sat on were perfect.


My dad and I went back for brunch on one of his recent visits. We ordered the 40 Clove Chicken again because it was that good, along with the Tinapa Caesar Salad and Tapa Spaghettini. It was the perfect brunch spread. I’m not a big fan of Caesar Salad (because of the croutons) but I enjoyed the twist the tinapa gave the salad. It had the right amount of saltiness.


I mentioned that breakfast is comfort food for me, right? Who knew tomato pasta and tapa would be great together? The chef didn’t skimp on the cherry tomatoes and tapa so it was a definite winner for me. We finished up brunch with the Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake. It’s a decadent chocolate cake that came with vanilla ice cream (Dad’s favorite flavor).

So, if you’re looking for a restaurant in Makati that’ll put a twist to your favorite Filipino and brunch picks, I’d highly recommend Come Forth Kitchen. #ComeOneComeForth


P.S. I apologize for the quality of the photos. I’m not exactly a food blogger/photographer.


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