New Architects, Yo!

April 2014 – I graduated

November 2015 – I resigned from work to focus on reviewing for the ALE

January 2016 – I take the ALE along with my friends and former colleagues

February 2016 – We find out that we passed the ALE

And so here we are:

12799216_10207630776661025_8864552669732739689_nPhoto from L. Hadlocon

It was great seeing my  former colleagues from ALI-IDG, especially Arch. Rey Gabriel and Arch. Louie Lizarondo. I’ve spent most of my weeknights last year with them. I have always been one of the boys and I was the only girl in ALP-IDG’s pool of interns but I was closest to those two (the guys at the leftmost and rightmost of the photo above). They made stressful workdays bearable.

10246354_10153347532902019_4247801538755555385_nPhoto from K.  Tan

The ticket said that women were required to wear a formal dress, so you may be wondering why I’m wearing a Filipiniana, making me look like I just graduated from college. Well, I’m not one to shop (insert weight issues here) and my mom sent me the Filipiniana top and A-line skirt in the mail so I went with it. Besides, it looks good with our UP Sablay. Plus, since the boys were in barongs, I looked like I was one of the boys. Haha.


I-ann does wonders, ya’ll!

I have to thank the wonderful I-ann Monzon for my make-up that day. I always feel my prettiest when she works her wonders on me. For someone who has a lot of insecurities regarding her looks, having a friend who knows how to make me appreciate how I look is a blessing. The most painful thing I had to do that day was strip off all the makeup. Seriously.

Anyway, now that we have taken our oaths and have our PRC Licenses, I can finally walk up to people with confidence and say,

“Heidi Torralba. Architect.”


Now to go get myself a job.


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