Public Service Announcement

Ever since the Manny Pacquiao issue has gone viral, the Internet has exploded with violent reactions, extensively long posts in defense of the LGBT community, as well of that of Manny Pacquiao. Him referring to individuals who engage in same-sex acts as “mas masahol pa sa hayop,” has hurt so many people, including proudly gay public figures. And why wouldn’t they be hurt? It takes so much courage to come out of the closet only to have people who you think love you throw stones at you for your honesty.

So yes, people will get angry because Manny Pacquiao, as the Pambansang Kamao, a national hero, and someone running for a seat in the senate, he has a lot of supporters. And knowing how our society functions, many will follow without questioning.
There is a good side to all this madness though. It’s got people reviewing their biology notes, using it to prove the natural existence of homosexuality. It has also got people brushing up on their Bible reading and theology. Many are angry at Manny Pacquiao because he’s selectively quoting the Bible, right? I am not an avid Bible reader nor am I a devout Catholic. But, I understand that there’s a reason why it was divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. There are hundreds of articles discussing the Bible popping up lately, and from what I gathered from them, the New Testament debunks the laws written in the Old Testament. That thanks to the coming of Jesus and the existence of the New Testament, the Old Testament is now nothing but a collection of stories and a reminder of how things were before Christ swooped in to save us from unnecessary sacrifice. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Personally, I remind myself of two things:

1) There is a higher being (we call It by many names) that watches over us, and

2) That virtue trumps religion.

We don’t need a God-fearing man to sit in office. We need a virtuous man to sit in office. You don’t need an ancient handbook of rules to tell you what and what not to do. You just need conscience and compassion to know what the fellow beside you needs.


The online world is a sick mess to look at. One vitriolic post after another, comment sections bursting at the seams, everyone defending their friends, family, or idol. Though I appreciate freedom of speech, its existence on social media has paved way to the rise of “netizens.” Netizens have been given the permission to voice out their opinions, whether it was constructed with a clear mind or not. This has led to strangers arguing with each other, spewing mean comments in defense of their beliefs, until they have completely deviated from the topic at hand and are just mad because their egos have been hurt.

That right there, is the downfall of humanity. Reading the comment sections of articles and online posts is like watching the world burn, and by the very same people who think they’re trying to save it. There is not enough popcorn for all the entertainment this issue has created. And this goes for all topics people have been arguing about over social media.


I understand that we all have feelings, biases, and opinions. We all have the permission to post our comments on thoughts on just about anything. If you wish to post something to foster a healthy argument, please do so in a manner that won’t have people fighting among themselves instead of discussing the topic at hand. And if you feel like voicing out an opinion, don’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgement and the point you want to express. Type only when you have a clear mind. Violence never helped any debate reach a proper close.

We all claim to be educated citizens but our etiquette flies out the window the minute someone hurts our pride. We get hurt when we’re compared to animals but react like feral cats with our claws when someone disagrees with us.

I am not telling you die-hard Bible-bearing Christians to abandon your belief systems and forego your truths. Truth is subjective after all. But don’t force your truth down other people’s throats. That is not cool nor is it the Christian way. We all wish to enlighten people, and there’s a proper way of doing so.

To my LGBT friends and family, and to the ones who believe in equal rights for all, let us not fire back with vitriol. Understand that not everyone will understand because our truth is not their truth. But find solace in the fact that our truth is love. Let love win. You get what you give. If we respond with a clear mind and compassion, we might get our message across and the debate can come to a proper close.

If you know someone who’s spewing with anger and is about to let their emotions get the better of them, help them step away from the keyboard and apologize in behalf of “those Christians who are still growing in compassion.” (Yeng Constantino, 2016)

If you know someone who’s rambling in defense of their truth, be like Karen Davila and offer a helping hand so that they may get their point across properly. Help them be understood so that they may, in turn, understand. Be the better person. And again, LET LOVE WIN.


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