Sunflowers & Sablay

Grad3| dress, Forever 21 | heels, Payless | clutch, gift from Jane | Makeup by I-ann Monzon |

At long last… After six years in college, I finally graduated and actually got to wear my sablay. Yes, I am one of the many UP students who overstay in the university. No honors, no special awards. I’m just one among the thousands that graduated last April 27. Not that I mind, really. I’ve already made peace with my extended stay in college.


There was a certain kind of happiness that filled me the moment I was told I passed my thesis deliberations last February. But, seeing my name on the final list of graduates was the real kicker. Plus, the graduation shopping made it feel extremely real. Hahaha. Hello, new clothes and shoes!

I can’t quite explain how wonderful it was to sing UP Naming Mahal while wearing my sablay. And knowing that after years of watching the sunflowers grow and bloom every April, they were finally blooming for me.

For our college recognition rites, we were required to wear traditional Filipiniana. If you’ve been to our college’s Building 1, you’d know that wearing Filipiniana in there would be hell. We were sweating like pigs early in the morning. And for our university graduation, we were seated in the amphitheater behind the Quezon Hall, facing the west, at 3PM all the way till 6PM. Could you imagine the heat?!?! We were facing the sun slowly set behind the Quezon Hall, hoping we’d get a few minutes of shade during the whole ceremony.

I changed out of my Filipiniana after our college recognitions rites and into a short white dress, because I knew I’d melt if I didn’t. I kept the nude heels, which was a big mistake, because UP isn’t exactly heel-friendly. Oh, the pains of being stylish. But, hey, I managed to pull through, so, yey! :)) Sweat and pain couldn’t ruin that special day.

And now, the real world awaits. The hype one gets from finally graduating from university quickly diminishes once you realize that you are now one among the many unemployed citizens of the country. I don’t want to keep relying on my parents since they still have my sister’s med school to pay for.

If I was privileged enough, I would’ve hopped on a plane or a bus and enjoyed summer. But, no, after three trips with the family, I’m back in this concrete jungle called Metro Manila hoping I’d get a call from the companies I applied for. My friends told me to embrace the bum life first, revel in it till I find it sickening that I’d beg for work. HAHAHA. Well, let’s see how that goes for me.


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