NYE 2014


Our family has been spending the last 7 New Year’s Eves in Zamboanga with relatives. It’d always be a huge reunion with lots of food, drinks, and fireworks. My cousins and I, apart from the NYE festivities would go out and drink till at least one person gets totally wasted then we’d laugh about it the next day over breakfast or lunch. But for 2013, we did things differently. Due to the recent incident in Zamboanga City, we’ve decided not to fly in and stay in Davao instead for the New Year. Army tanks currently roam the streets of Zamboanga and I heard that fireworks were even banned this year. It wouldn’t have been a festive celebration even if we went home.

DSC_0930romper, Mango | cardigan, Forever 21 | shoes, Sebago


We decided to go up to Eden Nature Park and take part in their New Year’s celebration. I spent most of the night either seated at the table inside the restaurant with my family or taking photos with my sister, until we decided to take a place nearer to the stage. We ended up ordering a pitcher of weak blue margarita and dancing along with the rest of the crowd. It was my sister, the one who didn’t even want to dance in the first place, who invited me to stand up and join in saying, “Come on, let’s copy the way they dance!” So, there we were, dancing, laughing and enjoying ourselves, just the 4 of us, joining in on the countdown.

“00:05… 00:04… 00:03… 00:02… 00:01… 00:00. HAPPY NEW YEAR!”


People were blowing their horns, balloons fell from the ceiling, and the band played the music even louder, as loved ones hugged each other and greeted each other. And I thought I wouldn’t enjoy New Year’s Eve. For an NYE spent differently, this was a good change.

Of course, since it’s New Year’s Eve, I decided to uphold that one specific Filipino superstition about wearing polka dots for good luck. My dotted romper is the closest I can get to wearing polka dots. I used to detest rompers because of the hassle I’ll have to go through with taking it off whenever I have to go to the restroom, but this was a particularly cute piece. Since it was cold in Eden, I threw on my trusty, but ratty and needs-to-be-replaced, black cardigan.  I finished it off with boat shoes because I wasn’t feeling particularly girly that night.


Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve as well! Happy New Year from our family to yours!


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