This post has long been overdue. I haven’t been giving my blog because of my thesis requirements. I didn’t know if I wanted to get this blog back up but, I missed writing.

Reinvention is such a powerful thing. For girls, the process of reinventing one’s self usually denotes an emotional issue, be it a spat with their folks or getting their hearts broken. Sometimes, reinvention marks an end and a beginning. It’s like shedding skin or setting once-sentimental things on fire. People reinvent as a sign of leaving their past behind and looking forward to a better future, taking a step closer to being one’s best self.


I didn’t go through major reinvention, but I did make changes. I’ve mentioned this to my friend, I-ann, and she said that changing up her hair usually marks a boy issue. So, all this may or may not involve a boy (or boys. HAHA). Whatever the reason may be, the changes I made mark the end of my dark days (if you follow me on Twitter or are one of those close friends who I confide to, you know what I mean). Bare with me, I’m a 20-something with so many feelings. I was pretty pathetic. I stumbled constantly and did a lot of wrong, it was unbecoming. I wasn’t the empowered woman I knew I was. If it wasn’t for my very strong and ever-dependent support group, I wouldn’t have survived. I got a hefty serving of reality checks and slaps (not literal) to get where I am right now.

Physical reinvention acts like a band-aid. You may look put-together but you’re still broken inside. Chopping your locks off or dyeing your strands a fiery red may not heal you but it’s better than welcoming everyday with disheveled hair and swollen eyes, letting the world know that you’re messed up. Sometimes, nobody needs to know. Plus, reinvention gives you at least one reason to smile in the morning. You may not be okay inside but at least you look pretty on the outside. (Perfect example: Basya in One More Chance)

So, if you’re messed up, try physical reinvention. Nobody heals overnight. But you will, eventually. Soon enough, you’ll have no need for your band-aid. Baby steps, my friend.

And as my favorite bad girl, Georgina Sparks, said, “You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back.” She’s bounced back from the pathetic mess she used to be.

P.S. These words were written up way before the actual haircut. Let’s just say, there’s been a 3-month delay. šŸ˜‰

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