Celebrating Our Colors




Independence (n):  freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others

If you’re totally unaware, it was on this very day, 115 years ago when the Declaration of Philippine Independence was proclaimed. So, bring out those blues, reds, and yellows and show off your nationalistic pride!


top, Mango || skirt, H&M || bag, borrowed from Mithi || glasses & shoes, thrifted

Commemoration was pretty much the whole point of this outfit. I decided to add personality to it by having fun with our flag’s colors and symbols (look, stars!). I added non-prescription nerd glasses and thrifted oxfords to give it a slight hipster vibe.

Oh, and if you were wondering why I was in a shopping cart, it was my friends, Farrah and Mithi‘s idea. I didn’t want to do it but, pushing for the hipster vibe,  I succumbed to peer pressure. This is the third outfit in our (mine and Farrah‘s) series. Coincidentally, our outfits both played with colors and both had blue elements. If you want to read more about Farrah‘s look, check out her blog post.

In honor of The Declaration of Independence of the Philippines, I’m leaving you with a nationalistic song by one of the best local bands, Bamboo.

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

Photos c/o Mithi


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