Picket Fence Milk & Ice Cream Bar


Clearly, I haven’t explored Katipunan enough to know about all the restaurants and food places the place has to offer. I frequent the FBR Arcade because that’s where Yellow Cab and the closest BPI branch to my house is located. Little did I know that a place that I could call heaven was in the exact same building.

Picket Fence Milk & Ice Cream Bar is located behind Yellow Cab and I wouldn’t have discovered it if it wasn’t for my sister (who thought I knew about the place all along). It was only last week that I found out of Picket Fence’s existence. Mom had to hit the bank and we were there accompanying her because we were supposed to go to S&R together after.

Picket Fence’s interiors gave off this cute and cheery diner vibe, with white furniture and walls with bright pink and light blue stripes. Plus, they had breakfast food and gelato, two of my favorite things in the world. With a hankering for both, my sister and I decided to eat there. Since it was lunch time, we went for their main dishes.


Hannah ordered the PF Burger, Picket Fence’s signature item. It’s got two beef patties stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, then topped off with onion rings. It was both delicious and sinful. If you’re cutting back on your carb intake, you could always opt to remove the top bun and share the fries with friends.983278_10200752750717558_1092492137_n

As a lover of breakfast food, I went for the Corned Beef Breakfast Combo, which composed of corned beef, 2 eggs (prepared how you’d want it), hash brown and toast. I like the fact that they prepared the corned beef with onions and potatoes (even if I’m not a huge fan of potatoes), because it brought back certain childhood memories. That’s how traditional corned beef is prepared in the Philippines (and how they are presented in TV commercials).973834_10200752751277572_745614658_n

As for mom, she went for Chicken ni Edong. Why? Because the name of the dish made us curious. The chicken had garlic and rosemary with a kick of lemon. It was a secret family recipe and it was cooked to perfection. It was so delicious that it really made us wonder who Edong was. When mom was finished eating, she blurted out, “Ang sarap pala ni Edong.” It came out wrong and awkward, but, we knew what she really meant. A definite must-try.

961828_10200752752117593_572585315_n 973121_10200752752477602_1936094968_n

Their servings were so huge we ended up feeling so full, but we still wanted to have dessert, to cleanse our palette. Picket Fence’s ice cream and gelato are imported from Australia and come in a wide variety of flavors. We asked the waitresses what some of their bestsellers were and they said they were Rabo Rainbow, Celo’s Cookies and Cream, Wordy’s White Chocolate. Hannah wanted to try Pery-pery White Choco Raspberry but I don’t like white chocolate so we opted for Cookies and Cream. P60 for a huge scoop of ice cream happiness? Worth it.

Picket Fence has now become one of my favorite food places along Katipunan. I’m definitely going back there to try out their other breakfast combos (especially their Longsilog) and ice cream flavors. I’ve also read really great reviews on their milkshakes and parfaits so I’m definitely trying those out, too. Oh, the thought of indulging is making me giddy!


In a nutshell, I’d describe my experience there made me go over the fence. Two thumbs up for awesomeness! 😀

Visit Picket Fence at FBR Arcade – Katipunan Ave. Quezon City

Open 8:00AM – 10:00PM, Mondays through Saturdays


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