Let The World Hurry By




top, H&M || colored denim, Uniqlo || flats, Payless || aviators, borrowed from Mithi

For the past two years, I’ve been receiving the question, “Graduate ka na ba?” I shrug and reply by saying no and go on telling people I’m in a 5-year course, and that I’m delayed by a year. Delayed. I hate that word. I’ve hated it ever since the first time I was made to accept the fact that I was going to spend another extra year in college due to an academic delinquency.

There I was, crying over a failed grade, having to repeat a subject, and watching my plans of graduating on time crumble right before my eyes. I grew bitter and depressed after that. It took time for me to come to terms with the reality of being one of the many UP students who didn’t graduate within 4 or 5 years. I wanted to graduate on time, get a job, pay for my wants and needs, and stand on my two own feet.

My parents, seeing how hard I was on myself, decided to intervene by telling me to not pressure myself over what can no longer be fixed. I was delayed and I can’t change that. Clearly, there was no need to rush things and the circumstances have shown that I simply was not ready.

I’m on my 6th and hopefully last year in college, with only 23 units left to complete. In the previous years, I was so used to taking on too much all at once, constantly rushing and keeping myself busy that I didn’t realize how detrimental my lifestyle already was to my well-being. The world was spinning way too fast and I was trying to hard to catch up. It took failing grades and a couple of sob fests for me to realize that I didn’t have to rush or push myself to the point of breaking.

Most of my friends are either young professionals, in med school, or have kids. They have moved on with their lives. I’m still in college taking things one day at a time, making sure I don’t slip up. Slowly but surely, and still being able to have fun (because college is supposed to be the best time of our youth). Yes, I want to work, earn my own money, and experience the real world as a legit adult but I have no reason to rush. There’s a time for everything, they say. It sounds cliche but cliches exist for a reason.

This outfit was inspired by this song, Let The World Hurry By by Pretty Lights:



GwE7Hs8cXjMerk8aBu9eOjCn6M4iyKpSogWz6WxmsR8,-IUzxF-iTZ432a57FtxWmkxqqn-h0QH8vPsCKvTkoOU (1)

And this was another joint photoshoot with my le blogger friend, Farrah Garcia. Someone who, just like me, is taking things one step at a time and has come to terms with overstaying. We shot four outfits together and this is the second one from that series (read about the first one here).

What do you think of our matching striped tops (which was totally unplanned, by the way)? And how timely was it that we shot these outfits on the pedestrian lane. Woohoo! More stripes! Hahaha! She decided to try mixed prints while I went for pops of color. Note: the bag wasn’t supposed to be part of the outfit but I had it with me and Farrah suggested that I add it to the mix. It was a good call, don’t you think?

Read more about her look on her blog.

I can’t believe this weekend’s already over. I hope you guys had a great one!

Photos c/o Mithi


One thought on “Let The World Hurry By

  1. […] At long last… After six years in college, I finally graduated and actually got to wear my sablay. Yes, I am one of the many UP students who overstay in the university. No honors, no special awards. I’m just one among the thousands that graduated last April 27. Not that I mind, really. I’ve already made peace with my extended stay in college. […]

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