What’s In Your Bag?


“It’s called a purse and as every woman knows it can hold just about anything, from a bottle for a baby, to a check for protection, to a gift for a new friend. Whatever you find inside, there’s one thing you can be sure of, every purse says something about the woman who owns it, whether she knows it or not.” – Mary Alice, Desperate Housewives


I couldn’t have thought of a better intro than Mary Alice for this post. Let’s face it, as women, it’s impossible to get through a day without a bag or purse. We’re not like men who can go to class or work with nothing but their phones and a pen (my guy friends are real-life examples). There a specific items that I bring with me everyday.

Along with the basic PMILK* (Phone, money, ID, lip gloss, keys) are a few other essentials that get me through the day:

  • Planner – having it with me makes me feel organized, even on days when I don’t need it
  • Pen – I’m a student, it’s a NECESSITY. Plus, I have these random “I need to jot this down” moments
  • iTouch + earphones – music on shuffle. Need I say more?
  • Mints
  • Pillbox (not in photo)- necessary drugs must be kept in hand for emergencies
  • Kikay kit – it’s a girl’s beauty arsenal, a miniature version of her dresserDSC_0574

If we get into the details of my kikay kit, you’d find The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals™ Loose Powder Foundation, a blusher (also from The Body Shop), lip balm (Maybelline Baby Lips and The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15), Maybelline Volum’ Express® waterproof mascara, The Body Shop LOVE ETC…™ body lotion, and a hair tie or two.

As you can see, I’m quite picky with the brands I use. These are products I swear by, most of which are from The Body Shop. I believe and support their advocacy against animal testing, their definition of beauty, and saving the planet. Plus, their products look and smell yummy! Bath products, body butter, makeup, you name it! It’s addictive!

So, what’s in your purse?

*If you’re in a rush, remembering this acronym will save you. PMILK are the most basic of all necessities. Check your PMILK before heading out the door.


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