Going Away




top, H&M || shorts, H&M || bag, Marithé + François Girbaud

This was the outfit I wore on my last summer get-together with my friends, Farrah and Mithi. It was a warm day so I decided to wear this blue sleeveless high-low button-down from H&M. It being light and blue made it perfect for a summer afternoon.

This was three days before my flight back to Manila so seeing my friends was a MUST. We spent the afternoon taking outfit shots and continuing our unfinished music video for Taylor Swift’s 22 (Read: PRIVATE).  We tried to laugh off our silliness, not caring even if passers-by and by-standers were giving us odd looks (If you were there, you would have done the same). It’s not that hard to make a fool of yourself in public if you’ve got your closest gal pals in on the whole thing. You really are your true self when you’re with your friends.

I won’t be seeing these girls till December. *cry* That’s a good 6 months and this’ll be the first time that I won’t be going to Davao for the semestral break. Mithi and Farrah used to fly back to Manila just like me. But, Farrah is currently enrolled in AdDU and Mithi already graduated from her first degree and is now entering med school. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

Do you know what makes this whole trip back to Manila even sadder? Knowing that when I get back to Davao after 6 months, some of my friends won’t be around by then. A friend I made a few years back is leaving the country for good. And we barely did any catching up. I’ve got a few more friends who are also leaving the country soon, too. *cry*

But, I’ll put all those negative emotions aside. Thoughts on leaving and missing people shouldn’t be sad. But, because of all these feels, I ended up listening to a song about going away. I’ll leave you to listen to it as well.

I hope your June started well! 

Photos © Mithi Miclat


One thought on “Going Away

  1. […] And this was another joint photoshoot with my le blogger friend, Farrah Garcia. Someone who, just like me, is taking things one step at a time and has come to terms with overstaying. We shot four outfits together and this is the second one from that series (read about the first one here). […]

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