So Long, Sweet Summer

Some of my best memories in snapshots

My summer’s coming to a close. My bags are packed for my trip back to Manila, back to my other home in Katipunan. And as I’m writing this, Gold in the Air of Summer by Kings of Convenience is playing (among other KOC songs).

It’s been a while since I had a real summer vacation. My previous summers involved mornings spent in the Math building. Not fun. Spending two whole months in Davao, “bumming it out,” gave me time to relax and focus on me. But, it also made me miss being active and busy again. I miss the gym, I miss school, and I miss my friends.

Saying goodbye to Summer 2013 means no more waking up past 8AM on weekdays, or not taking a shower till after lunch, or going to malls and spending almost every single day in Starbucks. June is finally here and I’ll have to start hitting the books soon.

I may not have gone to awesome music events like Wanderland and Circuitfest, or to the hippest parties like the Sarbay Festival, or end up sloshed (like I did a couple years back) but I did try to make the most of my summer. I hung out with my closest friends, friends who I haven’t seen in years, and of course, my family. Most days were uneventful, spent catching up on my reading and TV shows or running errands with my mom. My summer may have been more fizzle than sizzle but it was a well-deserved break.

So long, sweet summer. It was a good two months. I’m ready for the real world now.


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