Summer Skin




dress, SM Department Store || bikini, Forever 21 || sunglasses, borrowed

My summer’s coming to a close and I’ll soon be catapulted back to the reality I left two months ago. Not that I’m complaining, really, because I do miss school and Katipunan. The bum life is great but I’m not used to having a lot of free time and waking up past 9AM on a weekday. Two months of no work and school was a good enough pre-thesis break.



All I really wanted this summer was to hit the beach because it’ll be months before I get to touch sand and sea again. I’m glad my mom suggested that we hit Samal and spend half of our day there. I finally had an excuse to wear a bikini and tie-dye dress.

It’s the beach so less is more and simplicity is key. Nothing says summer better than tie-dye and nothing screams sea more than blue. That and sunscreen. Haha! I still have my tan lines from my previous beach trip and I had no plans of adding to those.

photo (6)A Sunday spent soaking up the sun by the seashore is a Sunday well spent.

Hope your Sunday was as chill as mine!


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