Sins of My Youth

“Would you love me still if I were to confess that I had a little too much fun back when I was young?”

Old habits die hard, they say, and your past has its way of creeping up on no matter how hard you try to move on. We clamor for change but we know change doesn’t happen overnight. And even if you have become a changed person, some people would still judge you for the things you have done in the past, like your sins have left permanent marks on you and there’s no saving you from them.

Judgement. It’s sad, awful, and unfair. We hesitate to open up to certain people for fear of being judged. I have learned to not judge the people who open up to me, simply because I am in no position to. Because I know how it feels to be judged, to be looked at differently for the wrong you’ve done in the past. We all sin, do we not? We just sin differently.



top, H&M || denim shorts, DIY || earrings, SM || sandals, Payless || nails, Revlon Impulsive (240)

I used to care a lot about what people said about me, about the stories they used to spread. Their words affected me so much because I wanted to look good in their eyes. I wanted to please them. That got me nowhere. That brought me no happiness or relief. Fortunately, judgement no longer affects me. I tell myself that those who speak ill of me do not deserve my time or attention. Their subjective POV doesn’t speak of me, it speaks of them.




Cheers to friends who loved and never left!

I’m glad the close friends I have, those who know me well, did not judge me when I trusted them with my secrets. These are friends who didn’t leave even after I showed them the skeletons in my closet. Pretty much like two of my closest gal pals, my ex-roomie, Farrah of The Style Reactor (le blogger friend featured in this post), and my We, Mithi (our photographer for this shoot). They were there when I was a mess, but they didn’t leave nor did they judge. Instead, they showed concern, gave advice, and kept me grounded. They loved me even after all the awful and crazy stuff. True friends. :’)

You may be thinking, “So much feels!” Blame it on this song:

Incidentally, this was the first song I played on the day I decided to wear this outfit. I kept things simple by pairing a basic black round neck with DIY-ed Levi’s 550 jeans (which used to be Dad’s). It was loose, thus, the belt. To break the somber vibe, I added yellow sandals and my “Rasta” dangling earrings. Clearly, my ex-roomie and I have very different styles. To know more about this look and her style, visit her blog. 🙂
Note: I still feel I could have done more with this outfit, I was just being too lazy. What do you think?

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