Blitzkrieg Bop

DSC_0354cardigan, Forever 21 || scarf, Barter Trade || shirt, Eastwood Bazaar || denim cutoffs, Forever 21 || black stockings || flats, Charles & Keith

Macau isn’t the place for people who aren’t gamblers or people like me, who don’t have money to burn. So after spending two nights in Macau, we were off to Hong Kong. This was my “Bye Macau, Hello HK” outfit. Our last stop was The Fisherman’s Wharf. Heavily themed and open to all, it was a good place to take photos before taking the boat to Kowloon.

Since it was pretty cold that day, I decided to don a cardigan and scarf. I don’t go around wearing stockings under my shorts but they seem to be a good idea for someone who loves shorts but hates her legs. Haha!

For a music enthusiast like me, I’ve developed a fascination for band/musician shirts. I want to build a collection. I’ve got Bob Marley, The Beatles, and just recently acquired one with The Ramones on it. I’m highly influenced by the music I listen to, being an extreme music enthusiast. But, you have to remember: Never wear a band shirt when you don’t listen to/know the band. It’s a sin and it’s shameful. Spare yourself from being approached by a giddy die-hard fan and ending up tongue-tied when you can’t answer his questions properly.

And since I was wearing a Ramones shirt, I decided to use one of their catchy songs as a title.

Hey, ho! Let’s go!

Photos c/o Hannah Torralba


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