A Christmas Celebration of Friendship


“Do you know how few friendships make it out of high school? We’ve finally got to the good part” – Blair Waldorf


“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.” – Elbert Hubbard

I’ve gotten over the notion that Christmas is the time for ripping store-bought wrapper off store-bought gifts. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate material gifts. Believe me, receiving a present still thrills me. But, this Christmas, I wanted to focus on gratitude. Sounds cheesy but believe me when I say I have been filled with gratitude for the last few days. I have no idea why or where this has sprung from but I have felt the need to express my sorry’s and thank you’s to people who I believe deserve them (and I have). (Maybe it’s this Toltec wisdom thing. IDK)

I’ve known these people for the longest time, most of them since we were in 4th grade. Our friendship has stood the test of time and distance, and has endured drama of all sorts (Let’s not get to that. Hahaha!). That’s 8-12 years of friendship. Lots of things could happen (and did). But, look at us now. A bunch of young professionals, fresh graduates, and delayed-but-will-definitely-graduate undergrads.

I’m happy that this year is going to end. This wasn’t the grandest of years but I had friends who made the past 12 months bearable. A couple just showed up during this month (that includes you, the-lady-stuck-in-Makati, Lian Sabella) but I’m glad they’re around. Those people in the photos are among the greatest people you will ever meet and I’m thankful I’ve been friends with them for almost half my life. God knows what kind of person I’d be right now if I didn’t bump into them, some of which I’ve had a lecture or two from (Hello there, Farrah. Hahaha!). I’m grateful these people are  my friends. So much love and clinginess.

Merry Christmas, loves! Cheers to the years! ❤

I hope everyone’s having a great Christmas! Happy Holidays! Spread the love!

P.S. Our photos just show half of the friendship celebrated that night. Ate Teetin and her closest friends from high school (Batch 06) were at the other table celebrating years of friendship as well. See, so much love.

Note: Post title is not original. That’s the title of the Lea’s Facebook photo album. 

Photo credits: Mithilaya Miclat, Lea Villanueva, Emmae Quibod


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