NOTE: Wordy post. Ignore this if you’re just gonna say tl;dr.

A few days ago, while chilling at Starbucks alone, reading The Fault in Our Stars, I decided to text my dad.

Me: Dad, how much are Fender guitar strings?

Dad: Not consistent. They range from 100 to 500. Depending on the grade. You need new strings?

Me: My friend told me I have to change my strings soon. Well, maybe by Feb ’cause I’m planning to perform next year.

Dad: Let’s but it here in Perfect Pitch Davao. We’ll get a good set for you.

Me: Thanks, Dad. Christmas gift na yan from you. Hehe. 🙂

Dad: Will that be enough for a Christmas gift?

Me: Yup. I already spent 300 bucks buying myself a book and and comic which the authors personally signed for me. Having new strings for my guitar is also a big deal to me. It’ll be a major plus if you could also teach me how to install them. 🙂

Dad: Hehehe! Let me find time to install them when I will go there. Then you learn from there.

Okay, two things about this conversation:

(1) Now you know that, despite me owning a Squier since I was 18, I don’t know how to change my own strings. Even back when I used to play with my dad’s acoustic guitars (He currently has four). For shame, I know.

(2) I think it shocked my Dad that all I want for Christmas from him are guitar strings and lessons on how to change strings.

And I thought my Christmas Wishlist was already a tad too ambitious. I have been thankful for the little things in life that make me smile. So, original strings and lessons from my Dad are enough. My Fender was a gift from my Dad for my 18th birthday. I can still remember that day…

I was walking around the mall with my mom and sister. We left our dad at one of the music instrument stores that he frequents. My dad is drawn to these stores like a moth to a flame. And, like a little boy, it’s almost impossible to pull him away once he’s trying out a few riffs on one of the guitars or tinkering with the effects on the keyboards (he currently owns two. One was a gift from Amah).

That day, he texted my mom saying he was at one of the music instrument stores. My mom made me read the message and told me, “Go to your Dad. I think he’s only inviting you.”

And so, I did. I went up to the 2nd floor to meet him at the store. I barely made it in the store when I saw him near the back of the store with an electric guitar. The moment he saw me, he smiled and raised it up to give me a better view of it. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Me: Is that a Fender strat?

Dad: Do you want it?

I didn’t know how to react or what to say. I was close to stuttering but managed to say, “Well, ikaw bahala. Are you getting it?”

Dad: I’m game if you’re game.

I have always wanted my own electric guitar since high school but my dad kept shooting my requests down because he wanted me to appreciate an acoustic guitar. I was into rock music (MCR, FOB, Anberlin… you get the picture) and I wanted to practice the crazy riffs on an electric. Dad’s musical passion runs in my blood. My passion may not be as intense as his but it’s there. I’m not usually sweet and clingy with Dad. But lately, my happy disposition has led me to be so.

The universe has been showering me with good vibes lately. The simple things like watching an episode or two of a series you like with a friend or finding time to read a good book has left me smiling for the past few days. Even that random dinner invite from Kevin (best boy bud since I was 13) a few weeks back has left me beaming. When you’ve got so much happiness in you, you have to share it with the world. You have to show the universe you are grateful and elated.

I also got other gifts that I didn’t expect to get this year:


Super pretty and quirky (not to mention personalized) accessories from my UAPSA-UPD Secret Santa, Pamee Co. I have been described as kikay and I’m not very picky when it comes to accessories. If they’re cute, I’ll like them. And aren’t these pieces adorable? And just look at those earrings! :3


Metal flasks from Jo. I won’t be using them frequently but the idea of having your own flask is awesome, even if it just stays there, empty. Just as awesome as that moment I got The Beatles and Mortal Kombat shirts from Kirby (plus, a MK3 emulator).

© Hannah Torralba

I was also able to keep tradition with my We, Mithi, by watching the fireworks during Lantern Parade together. I managed to get to UP just in time to meet her and run to a good spot at Quezon Hall to watch the fireworks. Cheesy as it may seem, we were holding hands while staring at the night sky. We didn’t get to watch the fireworks side by side last year but we were talking to each other on the phone while the fireworks display commenced. Yup, we’re cheesy and clingy. It’s tradition to watch the fireworks during Lantern Parade together. And this tradition has reached its fifth year (Boom, now you know how long I’ve been in the University). I could miss Lantern Parade and the post-Lantern parties but not the fireworks (Good job with the fireworks, Beta Epsilon!).

Christmas is still ten days away and I’m already happy and content. This year is going to end wonderfully. 🙂

Merry Christmas, loves!

Old paint is peeling. This is that fresh feeling. (The Eels)


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. “I’m game if you’re game.”

    hahaha. when you both want to do it and are just looking for support. =)) happy for you wooms and i’m happy too! i guess the more de-cluttered your life is, the happier you are! can’t wait to see you! pasalubong! 😀

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