Top: borrowed from sister | Skirt: H&M | Heels: Charles & Keith | Necklace: gift from friends | Bangles: Forever 21

These are just some of the outtakes from the shoot we had for our yearbook. I decided to have a glam/beauty shot for my creative shot. I’m delighted with the results. The photographer and makeup artist understood the look I was after. I wanted to recreate Sophie Sumner’s “Divina” photoshoot (Vogue Italia, August 2012). It’s not perfect and I don’t think I was able to capture the 1950’s feel that the Sophie’s shoot portrayed but as a glam shot, the results looked great. The photographer knew how to position the lights and capture my angles. I have never had a photoshoot like this before. I’m usually all happy and smiling in my photos.

I won’t be posting my toga and sablay photos yet. I’ll have till next year as to not jinx my already-delayed graduation. Those photos can wait. 😉

The term Illuminata (which was Sophie Sumner’s nickname in ANTM) is derived from the Latin term  illuminatus or “enlightened.” I felt that the term was an apt post title because I have been enlightened, especially after that trip we took to Zambales (I’ll write about and post photos of the trip soon enough). I undergo this vicious cycle of depression and enlightenment every so often that it has become exhausting. But I am currently at my most enlightened state. Getting away from the hustle of the city and staying away from toxic people does help a lot.

2012 has taught me a lot and it may not be my favorite year, it’s a year that has taught me many things. I now know what I want and what I want to be. I have battled with assumptions, misconceptions, and judgement but I don’t let these bother me because all my choices lead to lessons and lessons lead to wisdom. I know I will leave 2012 happy and at peace.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

Happy 121412!

To check out more of my creative shot’s outtakes, click here.


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