Blue Skies

cardigan, thrifted || accessories, thrifted || bag, Manels || ballet flats, Charles and Keith

I didn’t spend my semestral break solely in Davao City. My family went on a road trip to General Santos City to attend the San Miguel National Beer Drinking Contest 2011 Area Finals. It was one of the activities of for Oktoberfest and me, having been no-show in Oktoberfest events in the past few years, was game to go to GenSan with the family. The event was a total bust. The band sucked and the contest was pretty lame for me. The beer drinking contest I attended before was way better, when it came to the line-up and program. Thank God for free beer. I downed two San Mig Lights and headed up to our hotel room.

I didn’t expect GenSan to be extremely warm the next day. I didn’t want to show too much skin though, so I donned a light grey cardigan, which I borrowed from my mother. I kept things simple because I packed light and we were going to be on the road for the most part.

We went up to Kalsangi to buy loaf bread and check on their Halloween preparations since Halloween celebrations are an annual thing in the area. Kalsangi was still as beautiful as I remembered it. Overall, it was a chill but not extremely awesome weekend. But at least I got to relax with my family after my week with my Arki friends.

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