Beach Bums

383779_2401553051191_263862094_n© Paolo Flores

The people who know me know how stressed I was in the last few weeks of this school year’s first semester. So, you would imagine just how excited I was for my sembreak in Davao, especially since I knew a bunch of my Arki friends would be flying to Davao for the sembreak, too. They all slept over at Lea’s lola’s house and I just met up with them on some days to hang out. The best days of the week? Definitely the times when we hit the beach. I got an “over-tan” due to the excessive sun exposure I put myself through but I did not suffer from sunburn.

I wasn’t with them on the 23rd of October when they went to Paradise Island because that was the day of my Manila-Davao flight. We spent Ocotber 25th in Talikud Island, island hopping. It was fun. It was a day of snorkeling, swimming, awesome homecooked food, fresh buko, beer, soju shots, and pure sunkissed fun.

© Jeric Rustia

 One of our bottles of beer fell into the water when it slipped out of Lea’s grip. We considered it as an offering, since it’s sort of a Filipino superstition to have an alay before a drinking session. So, I guess we managed to give Mother Nature a good-tasting offering and a few fishes their morning dose of alcohol. Yes, we had our first round as early as 8:30 in the morning. Haha!

© Mika Singson

We had fresh buko at P 20.00 each! How awesome is that? Usually, these sell at P 55.00 at least in some resorts and restaurants. We had twelve of these, which we weren’t able to finish. Jazzie and LJ scraped the meat off most of the shells since they liked it that much.

© Mika Singson

It was a perfectly lazy day. We alternated through swimming, strolling, and sleeping after our lunch. We headed back to Davao City past 4:00pm. We freshened up at Lea’s place, had dinner at Yellow Fin, then went to SPE for a few drinks and shisha.

October 27 was spent at the beach as well. We chilled at Paradise Island for one last time before they started packing for their flight the next day.

What more could you ask for?

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